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Oct 9, 2012 6:00pm EDT
is allowed to sell drugs all across the red states. without ever achieve. the maufas -- vast majority of pharmacies are playing by the rules. as it stands now, -- there is some question as to a to this camp -- th more than half of the 56,000 pharmacies are compounding. >> the orioles have tied it 1-1. the energy is unbelievable. pete gilbert is in new york were the team has arrived. he has this report. >> they had some trouble troubles but it is a minor bump on the road after earning the split. they can win two out of three games. it is attainable. it is something they have done three times this year. they took two of them and that is why all the they did not want to admit it, came to is a must win. >> we do a good job of not letting that affect the way we play and it does not make us hasn't -- has a tent. -- hesitant. miguel gonzales got the best of coroda. >> some fans are scrambling to buy tickets to one of the next three games. what is that trip going to cost you? if you take a plane, tickets are $450. if that is steve you can go bucks. bus, 40 bah train is $125.10 way. if you spe
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1